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9th January 2012

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER A CROM2! THEY HAVE ALL GONE!!! A huge thank you to every one who bought one. Fascinating fact: the last CROM2 was sold to a chap in Toronto called Adrian. Crom bless you all. CROM4 is…

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CROM2 – only two left.

3rd January 2012

Yep. Two left. Cheers. Oh, and Happy New Year.

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CROM2 almost sold out – 5 left.

27th November 2011

That’s right – only 5 of these beauties left! Thanks to everyone who bought one, and to the five who are going to snap these last ones up! More limited edition CROM vinyl releases on their way for 2012…keep your…

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Just 10 CROM2 splits left + Black Sun ‘Paralyser’ vinyl.

15th November 2011

Yep, they’ve nearly gone. I’m keeping a couple for myself obviously. There are however plenty of CROM3 ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ albums left. I think there’ll be renewed interest in Conan when their eagerly awaited new album comes out on Burning…

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Conan vs Slomatics – Split LP Coming Soon!

14th February 2011

Coming soon on Head Of Crom Records – Conan/Slomatics Split album: six new tracks of glorious and leaden Psychedelia from the mighty Conan and Northern Ireland’s renowned Slomatics. Sky blue vinyl with lavish cover artwork by Tony Roberts (album/poster art…

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