Head Of Crom Records

Still waiting for CROM4 and SLOMATICS lp (CROM5) on it’s way!

Yep, the SLABDRAGGER/MEADOWS split lp is still being pressed. Sorry about that, but it will arrive soon. Whatever ‘soon’ means I don’t know. Prices will be £12 UK; £14 Europe and £15 for the rest of planet Earth. Very reasonable methinks.

Also, the new SLOMATICS lp, entitled ‘A Hocht’, is being processed as we speak. It’s been mastered by James Plotkin (of course) and it’s a superb psychedelic super-heavy romp through the inner recesses of the creative minds of Chris, David and Marty (Slomatics to you). Burning World will be releasing the CD version and CROM will be releasing a limited edition orange vinyl long player with a cool cover (see below) by Tony Roberts (Conan’s ‘visualist’).

Check out the cover of SLOMATICS new album…

Slomatics 'A Hocht' Artwork