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Down-tuned legends in their Celtic homeland, Slomatics formed in Belfast in 2005, from the ashes of post-hardcore local heroes The Naut. According to the ‘Kalceanna’ album sleeve, Slomatics are “middle-aged professionals by day, agro-sludge losers by night”. They have names too: David (guitar); Chris (guitar) and new boy Marty (drums and vocals – he replaced long-time member Joe in 2011). It’s hard to pin their sound down. There is a more than a hint of a hardcore past and a good dash of the expansive sludge of early Melvins, but at the end of the day, Slomatics sound like Slomatics.

To date they have released two full (and very wonderful) albums, two split CD’s and a split 7″. They have recorded a session for BBC radio and have featured on a cover CD for ‘Rock Sound’ magazine. Their discography looks like this:

Split vinyl 7″ vinyl with El Bastardo (2006)
‘Flooding the Weir’ CD album (2006)
‘Kalceanna’ CD album (Spirit Of Division, 2007)
Split CD with Agents Of Morai (Calculon Records, 2008)
Split CD with Selaah (Spirit Of Division, 2010)
Split vinyl 12″ vinyl and CD album with Conan (Head Of Crom and Burning World respectively, 2011)

‘A Hocht’ 12″ vinyl and CD album (Head Of Crom and Burning World respectively, 2012)

No bassist features within their line-up. Dig that daddio. Slomatics rely on the singular (and almost quasi-religious) power of the riff, augmented by minimalist rhythms and very low frequencies, and aided by a formidable slew of Matamps and fuzz pedals. As of late 2011, original vocalist/drummer Joe left, and new drummer/vocalist Marty (of fellow Belfast band War Iron) joined. This marks a new chapter in the history of Ireland’s greatest and heaviest exponents of pure doomedelica. Slomatics released their third album ‘A Hocht’ in September 2012, on Head Of Crom (vinyl) and Burning World (CD).

Three genius reasons to love Slomatics: they are an immense power trio who make the most BEAUTIFUL sound; they belch out enormous stinking effects-drenched nuclear-sludge riffs; and they have a drummer that sings in an echo-laden far-away voice that makes you weep. They are also possibly the loudest band I have ever heard – at a gig in Leeds in August 2012 I had to fold my ears over my ear plugs in order to prevent the massive low-end Tsunami from destroying my hearing for good. Jesus. Beside a dirty girlfriend with full red lips and dusky eyes and a shiny new BMX bike, what more could a young lad ask for?