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They are Conan and they are as heavy as interplanetary thunder. A three piece, in the grand tradition of many fabulous three pieces, they hold a tight line and an iron-grip command over the uber-synchronised chord changes and tempo-shifts of the holy trio of bass, drums and guitar. Two men have the task of vocalising warped fantasy thoughts over the turgid weight of Conan. They bear it well, for the task is immense.

Conan come raging and roaring out of the old port of Liverpool, and they intend on blasting your aching bollocks off. Buy or borrow ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’, their universally praised debut outing from 2010, and experience the most dense and down-tuned brutality heard since Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker’ first hit these aural caverns. Then check out their astounding split album (CROM2) with Belfast’s damn fine Slomatics (like the debut album, executed at the legendary Foel Studio in deepest Wales). This great recording denoted a remarkably psychedelic progression in Conan’s sound and song writing, but sacrificed none of their trademark super-heaviness.

Way back, in 2006, Conan formed as a two piece. Then they were three – Jon Davis on guitar and vocals, John McNulty on bass and vocals and Paul O’Neill on drums. Conan’s plans were obvious to even the most blind fool amongst us: they sought nothing less than the riff-induced crushing of a million skulls. John left and they acquired a new bassist, Dave Perry, with whom they recorded the CROM2 tracks. With a filthy ocean-sized sound like brain-fried kraut space-rock and the ten-fold bastard offspring of all the heaviest bands you have ever loved (think Moss, Yob and SunnO))) pulped into a fearful sonic chutney), Conan pierce your eye and inject your headspace with a huge swell of furious rising depression and distant narcotic alienation. They’ve already shared the stage with the legendary likes of Charger and Taint. Destiny is theirs to seize. The second album started to take shape in the latter half of 2011, after the split came out (which sold out on vinyl in a mere 8 months).

Post script: Dave Perry left in 2011 and Conan boast a fine new bassist and vocalist, Phil Coumbe, with whom they have both played dates and recorded. Conan released their second album ‘Monnos’ in March 2012 on Burning World records of The Netherlands. In April they toured Europe, kicking off with a date at the prestigious Roadburn festival in Tilburg and going on to support Sleep in Oslo. After numerous gigs in and around Europe Conan released a mighty split with Bongripper in April 2013. A third album is planned for late  2013. The iron-plated juggernaut rolls on and on – testament to the might of this fast-ascending trio.