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Torpor ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’

Torpor 'From Nothing Comes Everything' Artwork

Torpor are releasing their debut album ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ via Head of Crom (who have released landmark vinyl by the likes of Conan, Slomatics, Slabdragger & Meadows) and Black Bow Records (run by Jon Davies from Conan) on limited edition clear vinyl (CROM8) and cassette in February 2015. The vinyl will be released on Monday 9th February. It was recorded and mixed with Wayne Adams (Death Pedals, Shitwife, Ladyscraper) at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Yards, Ghold) in London over five days. The album features artwork by guitarist and designer Nick Steinhardt (Touché Amoré, Deafheaven).

Torpor formed in 2012 and released the ‘Bled Dry’ demo EP in early 2013 through Headless Guru Records. Since then, they have shared a stage with bands such as Conan; Sonance; Opium Lord; Rabbits (USA); Arabrot (NOR); Bast; Manatees; Sea Bastard; Erlen Meyer (FRA) and Slabdragger.

Torpor is the result of eclectic tastes and disparate opinions, with a shared desire to make heavy, honest and intense music. While they have been embraced by the vibrant UK sludge and doom scene, they have always remained different. This is the sound of a rhythm section raised on 90s post hardcore and noise metal; a guitarist who seamlessly blends massive tones, bleak atmospherics and metallic riffing; and a vocalist who leaps from searing hardcore fury to devastating catharsis.

If you dig big, bleak riffs, this is going to floor you… sickeningly heavy sludge with a hint of post-metal atmospherics… Imagine if Glaswegian misanthropes Black Sun broke into Cult Of Luna’s rehearsal room and started smashing the place up, and you’ll have some idea of the sort of gut punching heaviness that Torpor have to offer… By the sounds of the epic new song ‘From This Time’, this new release is going to be a huge step up for the band.” – Terrorizer Magazine (May 2014).


01. From This Time
02. Surrender To The Light
03. The Wake
04. As Waves Crash
05. Abandon
06. Everything We Left Behind


  • Released on limited clear vinyl
  • Recorded and mixed by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio
  • Artwork by Nick Steinhardt


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