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Head Of Crom have released the following:

Jungfrau ‘Nacht’ LP


Jungfrau 'Nacht' ArtworkHaunting Alt-Indie Psych-Kraut, this female fronted Brighton four piece use intuitive beats and hypnotic bass lines to weave a rich texture of sonic guitar licks around a web of soaring, swooning vocals, painting a dark aural dreamscape…

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Torpor ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ LP


Torpor 'From Nothing Comes Everything' ArtworkTorpor and their debut ‘From Nothing Comes Everything’ is the result of eclectic tastes and disparate opinions, with a shared desire to make heavy, honest and intense music…

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Slomatics ‘Estron’ LP


Slomatics 'Estron' Artwork‘Estron‘ marks a new chapter in the history of Ireland’s greatest and heaviest exponents of pure doomedelica, limited to 300 copies on dried blood red vinyl, mastered by James Plotkin and featuring artwork by Tony Roberts…

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Lazarus Blackstar / Headless Kross – 12″


Lazarus Blackstar / Headless Kross - Split 12" ArtworkOn one side, Bradford’s revered crust-doom legends Lazarus Blackstar blast through two new and impossibly filthy unreleased tracks plus the superior demo version of ‘Crawl’, whilst Glasgow’s rising heavy psychedelic warlords Headless Kross fill out t’other side with a sprawling uber-lysergic take on Amon Duul II’s classic Krautrock stomper ‘Deutsch Nepal’…

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Slomatics ‘A Hocht’ LP


Crom5 – Slomatics ‘A Hocht’ LP – ArtworkThe new and fabulous eight track album by down-tuned Irish legends Slomatics is titled ‘A Hocht’, Gaelic for ‘eight’ – their eighth release. The album was recorded earlier in the year in Belfast and mastered by the masterful James Plotkin in June 2012…

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Slabdragger / Meadows – Split 12″


Crom4 – Slabdragger / Meadows – Split 12″ 2012 – ArtworkLondon’s SLABDRAGGER are heavier than a thousand bronze Buddhas while MEADOWS hit unbelievably hard with righteous rural crust fury and they come together on this limited to 300 copies Split 12″ on black vinyl…

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Conan ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ LP


Conan 'Horseback Battle Hammer' LPSOLD OUT! Horseback Battle Hammer has almost reached legendary status since it’s initial 2010 release which rapidly sold out on vinyl, so seeing as Head Of Crom have just released the Conan/Slomatics Split album, its been lovingly re-pressed on white vinyl and is limited to 300 copies…

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Conan vs Slomatics – Split 12″ 2011


Conan vs SlomaticsSOLD OUT! Two heavyweights collide on this limited to 300 copies split 12″ on blue vinyl, Conan explore a new-found psychedelic prowess & Slomatics are quirky, unlike anyone else, beautiful and enticing, but undoubtedly heavy as hell. The album was also mastered by James Plokin especially for vinyl and features artwork by Tony Roberts…

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Black Sun ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ CD 2010


Black Sun 'Twilight Of the Gods'In the words of Ray Bradbury: “Something wicked this way comes”. Recorded at Glasgow’s Riverside Studios by the legendary Duncan Cameron ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ rips your face off and replaces it with a charred black mask…

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