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Still waiting for CROM4 and SLOMATICS lp (CROM5) on it’s way!

18th July 2012

Yep, the SLABDRAGGER/MEADOWS split lp is still being pressed. Sorry about that, but it will arrive soon. Whatever ‘soon’ means I don’t know. Prices will be £12 UK; £14 Europe and £15 for the rest of planet Earth. Very reasonable…

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CROM4 delayed until July – bollocks!

21st June 2012

‘Fraid so grimehounds. Due to delays at the pressing plant, the very long awaited SLABDRAGGER/MEADOWS split 12″ has been put on hold an extra couple of weeks. This now means that the estimated release date will be around 17th July….

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Slabdragger/Meadows split: CROM4 coming out end of June.

2nd June 2012

I’m still taking reservations/pre-orders for CROM4 of course and it looks like the end of June is when you will be able to place an order for this beast. Costs for European orders will have to go up a couple…

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Pre-order CROM4

8th April 2012

CROM4 – the forthcoming 12″ limited edition vinyl split between SLABDRAGGER and MEADOWS can be pre-ordered by reserving copies from me at adam@headofcrom.com Simply drop me a message at the above e-mail address and tell me how many copies you…

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CROM4 is coming!

29th March 2012

Its on its way – Meadows v. Slabdragger. Black vinyl 12″ split with fabulous art by Scott Move. Rrroooaaaarrr!!!

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9th January 2012

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER A CROM2! THEY HAVE ALL GONE!!! A huge thank you to every one who bought one. Fascinating fact: the last CROM2 was sold to a chap in Toronto called Adrian. Crom bless you all. CROM4 is…

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