Head Of Crom Records

Just 10 CROM2 splits left + Black Sun ‘Paralyser’ vinyl.

Yep, they’ve nearly gone. I’m keeping a couple for myself obviously. There are however plenty of CROM3 ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ albums left. I think there’ll be renewed interest in Conan when their eagerly awaited new album comes out on Burning World next year.

I’ve got two new vinyl releases planned for the first half of next year (2012). I won’t mention any more about them at this point, but suffice to say, both albums are going to crush all opposition with their sustained vitriolic mightiness.

Oh yeah – I’ve got a rare batch of Black Sun 12″ vinyl albums too. ‘Paralyser’, their classic release by At War With False Noise (check out my old review at thesleepingshaman.com), is going for just £10 UK and Europe inc. p + p. £12 for the rest of the world. Bargain. Just contact me via this website and I’ll explain how you can buy a copy. Adios doomigos.