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‘Estron’ by Slomatics goes on sale

Today, 3rd February 2014, the brand new long player by Slomatics, ‘Estron’ (CROM7) goes on sale here at Head of Crom. Limited edition (only 300 pressed) 12″ coloured vinyl with free digital download. Just go to the releases page on this website to order. All orders are packaged in bubble wrap and sturdy thick card cruciform.

“The seven tracks of ‘Estron’ are interconnected and bleed into each other for what could be, essentially, a near forty minute trip through the outermost reaches of the galaxy.”  Vertical Apparatus Chamber.

“Being a concept album (Earth is pumped so a big ships were sent to another world to save mankind), Estron flows fantastically through all 7 of its tracks sounding almost like one long track (why didn’t you just do that lads? WHY!).” John Dickie, Echoes and Dust.

“If you’re a fan of the band then you will always enjoy what they have to offer, but I get the feeling that ‘Estron’ will linger in the memory for even longer than usual. A real triumph of quality and structure, and a new height scaled in an already stellar career of amp vandalism. It’s just that this time they really want to leave a lasting mark.” Matt Fitton, The Sludgelord.

Slomatics 'Estron' Artwork