Head Of Crom Records

Conan versus Slomatics

War rumbles in the dark mountains. Northern Ireland’s Slomatics take on Liverpool’s Conan in a super-heavyweight showdown.


Conan – a three piece of such sluggish might that even the Old Ones themselves are wary. Their debut album ‘Horseback Battle Hammer’ (vinyl on Throne; CD on Aurora Borealis) has sold out now. Conan explore a new-found psychedelic prowess here, yet still retain their trademark tone of impossibly low-end power.

Slomatics – Belfast-based trio of grandiose riff-runts. Been going since 2004. Two albums, three splits and a slavish cult following. These Hibernian doomhounds are quirky and unlike anyone else, although they do share some genetic material with early Melvins. Beautiful; heavy; strangely enticing.


12″ sky blue vinyl, with ace sleeve by Tony Roberts (Electric Wizard, High On Fire) and additional vocals by Dave Anderson (ex-Hawkwind/Amon Duul II) – limited to 300 copies ONLY. Recorded at Foel Studio in deepest Wales and mastered by the inimitable James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD). Out very soon on HEAD OF CROM Records – £16 from including p&p.