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Pre-order CROM4

8th April 2012

CROM4 – the forthcoming 12″ limited edition vinyl split between SLABDRAGGER and MEADOWS can be pre-ordered by reserving copies from me at adam@headofcrom.com Simply drop me a message at the above e-mail address and tell me how many copies you…

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CROM4 is coming!

29th March 2012

Its on its way – Meadows v. Slabdragger. Black vinyl 12″ split with fabulous art by Scott Move. Rrroooaaaarrr!!!

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9th January 2012

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER A CROM2! THEY HAVE ALL GONE!!! A huge thank you to every one who bought one. Fascinating fact: the last CROM2 was sold to a chap in Toronto called Adrian. Crom bless you all. CROM4 is…

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CROM2 – only two left.

3rd January 2012

Yep. Two left. Cheers. Oh, and Happy New Year.

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